Sentek Drill & Drop probe

Sentek Drill & Drop probe It is characterized by easy installation and accurate soil moisture, salinity and temperature measurement. The ...
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Meter Group 10HS hygrometer

Meter Group 10HS hygrometer Measure more, work less Soil is a naturally heterogeneous system, which means small soil moisture sensors ...
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Meter Group EC-5 hygrometer

Meter Group EC-5 hygrometer Low cost individual sensors for large sensor networks The EC-5 delivers research-grade accuracy at a price ...
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Meter Group TEROS12 hygrometer

Meter Group TEROS12 hygrometer You need sensor longevity Soil can be highly variable in space, requiring numerous measurements and high ...
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Acclima TDT hygrometer + EC/temperature sensor

Acclima TDT hygrometer + EC/temperature sensor The Acclima Digital TDT soil moisture sensor represents a revolutionary advance in the irrigation ...
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Winet WT500-22 pH sensor

Winet WT500-22 pH sensor The soil contains many substances such as organic acid, inorganic acid, alkali and salt, due to ...
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Winet WT500-23 EC sensor

Winet WT500-23 EC sensor The EC WT500-23 sensor ensures excellent performance, with short response time, measurement accuracy, stable performance, etc.It ...
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