Sentek Drill & Drop probe

Sentek Drill & Drop probe 


It is characterized by easy installation and accurate soil moisture, salinity and temperature measurement.

The Sentek Drill & Drop probe is fully encapsulated and can be completely buried, reducing the risk of machinery damage.


Soil moisture and temperature, with salinity optional.


Vegetable crops, fruit & nut tree crops, vines, berries, research, and landscapes.

Main features:


  • Undisturbed installation allows for measurement of truly representative soil profile, NOT slurry mix.
  • Buriable to any depth to allow working upper soil layer.
  • Durable low maintenance equipment will last for years.
  • Pre-calibrated sensors provide accurate readings in majority of soil types, with software that can make adjustments as needed.
  • Available with moisture, temperature and optional salinity sensors at every 10cm (4″) depth.




  • Ideal for seasonal use, such as monitoring vegetable crops, due to the fast and easy install and extraction techniques.
  • Reliable option for long-term use, as it can be installed and left untouched for many years.
  • Fast and undisturbed, slurry-free installation improves the validity of readings.
  • Combine soil moisture, salinity and temperature readings for a complete picture of what’s happening in the soil profile.



The Sentek Drill & Drop probe is available in lengths from 30cm (12″) through to 120cm (48″) with sensors every 10cm or 4″.
It is also offered as a Single Point Sensor measuring 10.5cm or 4″ for SDI-12 loggers.



Super quick installation video


Detailed installation video